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3" Brim Cara Straw Hat with Big Bow

3" Brim Cara Straw Hat with Big Bow

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ATTACHED HAT BAND & OVERSIZED BOW EMBELLISHMENT. Dimensions: approximately 3 Inch Brim 


This brand has a team of over 400 artisans that work in collectives around the countryside of Madagascar, an island east of Africa. Their products are made from all natural fibers, including raffia, rush, sisal & banana palm. These fibers are renewable, sustainable & biodegradable. The raw materials are hand dyed and prepared for looming by splitting the palm leaves into thread like balls of yarn for weaving or crocheting, using the same traditional weaving techniques learned over 100 years ago. These fibers are naturally dyed and woven into hats, bags and other accessories. Every accessory is unique, and there can be slight irregularities in the shade and shape of the bags due to the nature of its craftsmanship. Because each piece is hand-dyed the natural fibers may fade with time. With over 80% of the population of Madagascar living below the poverty level, it is imperative to support artisans with fair trade & fair wage practices to sustain families, communities & artisan traditions. Their artists are proudly paid fair wages to continue the tradition of artisanal handmade products. We are very proud to work with & support our family of artists.

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